Innovation Grant: Integrated Socialisation and Training of ITTelkom Surabaya Crane

Surabaya, March 12, 2021, at the Hippocrates meeting room at Sidoarjo Hospital, ITTelkom Surabaya again handed over the crane to show the corpse as a form of concern and efforts in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The ITTelkom Surabaya group which was attended directly by the Rector of ITTelkom Surabaya, Dr. Tri Arief Sardjono, S.T., M.T., vice chancellor II, Agus Sulistya, S.T. M.Sc. Ph.D., lecturers and staff were warmly welcomed by the Director of Sidoarjo Hospital, dr. Atok Irawan, Sp.P and his staff.

In his speech, Dr. Atok Irawan, Sp.P. reported that the number of patients who died as a result of Covid-19 was quite high at Sidoarjo Hospital, where, with the help of the cranes, it is hoped that this will help medical colleagues.

“Efforts through cranes covering the bodies are our efforts to reduce the transmission of the virus because there are also quite a few of people who have been exposed here by the forensic team. However, we are very pleased that this aid will help in the process of covering the bodies of Covid-19 patients, even if the pandemic passes, it can still be used for corpses with special circumstances. On the other hand, we must remain immune, maintain faith and always be grateful because we are still given the opportunity to help others.” said Atok Irawan.

Previously, the crane of the corpse was also handed over to Airlangga Hospital in February 2021 and there were two other hospitals that were still in the process of coordination. Also on this occasion, a glimpse of the Chancellor of ITTelkom Surabaya Dr. Tri Arief Sardjono, S.T., M.T., also described the idea of ​​creating this innovation.

“Initially every night, I was shown a lot of medical colleagues who buried Covid’s body in difficulty. We see that it has become a matter of thinking what innovative tools we can help to overcome this problem in order to facilitate the process of depicting the corpse from the morgue to the grave. When we created the cranes version 1.0 at the same time that the Ideathon competition was held and passed, then Kemenristek Brin was also interested in being invited to Jogja for an exhibition, then passed, then we were also funded to make 4 cranes that we donated to 4 hospitals. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a contribution, and hopefully it will be useful. Please if there are difficulties or problems, we will help because we guarantee for life. ” explained Tri Arief Sardjono.

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