The FTII Fest Event's High Point

FTII Fest, which was held a while ago with a series of activities ranging from electro E-sport, Try Out of Science, and FTE Talks as part of celebrating the Faculty of Information & Industrial Engineering's Anniversary (FTII). The peak event will take place on Saturday, April 3, 2021, and the winners will be announced.

" This activity is part of how we create a superior generation by developing digital talents who are not only equipped with skills but also with attitudes, endurance, and leadership, as well as the ability to navigate these events. ITTelkom Surabaya is based on ICT, so IT must be leadingWe should also be grateful that the pandemic has begun to decline, especially since a vaccine is already available, insyaAllah, we can rush offline lectures through strict protocols. " said Tri Arief Sardjono as the Chancellor of ITTelkom Surabaya in his remarks at this event

Following the welcome event, there was an introductory video about ITTelkom Surabaya, which was followed by the introduction of the IT study program with the IoT video creation competition, then from the Software Engineering (RPL) study program, the Industrial Engineering study program, and the Information Systems study program, among others. 

This event is held openly, which means that it is not only accessible via the Zoom link but also takes place online on Youtube ITTelkom Surabaya. The peak activities of the FTII Fest are as follows:

Hari, Tanggal : 3 April 2021

Jam : 13.00 – 15.00 WIB

Tempat : Zoom & Youtube ITTelkom Surabaya

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