SIIP ITTelkom Surabaya: Cool Work in the Defense Industry

Did you ever dream about a future in the defense industry? You must have thought about how cool it would be to work in an industry like that, but you're confused about where to get this information. To accommodate curiosity and provide knowledge about how cool work is in the defense industry, this episode of the Popular Scientific International Seminar (SIIP) will discuss it with colleagues from SMK Methodist Palembang.

The gathering, which took place via Zoom and live via the official YouTube of ITTelkom Surabaya, was held on February 11, 2021 with guest speaker Oktavia Ayu Permata, ST., M.T. He is one of the IT lecturers at ITTelkom Surabaya.

"The government is currently working with organizations to build the defense sector. An industry best known as the military industry is an industry whose goods can be used for the purpose of national security, either individually or in groups." Ayu explained.

The product of this industry is the Main Tool of the Indonesian Armed Forces Weapon System or better known as Alusista which is the main equipment tool and its supporters which are a weapon system that has the ability to carry out the main tasks of TNI. There are several defense industries including PT Pindad (Persero), PT Dahana (Persero), PT Digantara Indonesia (Persero). PT PAL Indonesia (Persero), PT Infoglobal (Persero) and others. 

Avionics & mission systems, security and business software, and radar data processing are products developed by defense industry. 

"The defense industry product, i.e. submarine & naval shipbuilding produced by PT Pal Indonesia (Persero), for example, is used by the Indonesian Air Force, but the production and assembly process is still not independent at present, as some have yet to be imported. As a generation, we hope that the nation will make it our own so that it is more realistic and secure, where security is linked to the state's life." Ayu explained.

Computer networks, radar, signal processing / image processing, electronics, cyber security, web programming and mobile programming are among the associated technologies used in product creation. All study programs at ITTelkom Surabaya themselves teach the sciences of maritime production, logistics and transport in such a way that it is very important to apply to all types of industries, including the defense industry.

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