Sterilization Chamber

Sterillization Chamber untuk mencegah pemaparan COVID-19. Terdiri dari dua bagian dan memiliki sistem kerja merubah cairan menjadi uap dengan menggunakan bantuan humidifier. Read more

Sterilization Tunnel

The sterilization tunnel has the same function as the sterilization chamber, but the way the tunnel works is using a mobile water spray. Read more

Sterillization Chamber APD

PPE Sterilization Chamber to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the hospital environment, especially medical personnel. Read More

Swab Chamber

The swab chamber functions to help health workers undergo rapid tests so they are not exposed to COVID-19. Read More


ROSE is a robot that helps medical personnel to treat patients who are being treated in isolation rooms. Read More


IVANA is the result of the development of several ITTelkom Surabaya lecturers and students who function as a tool for medical personnel when cleaning isolation rooms for COVID-19 patients. This IVANA robot can run automatically through sensors or manually without sensors. Read More

The Funeral Crane

The Funeral Crane serves to facilitate and relieve medical personnel in monitoring the bodies of COVID-19. Read More

Ultrasonic Humidifier

This Ultrasonic Humidifier starts from converting liquid into vapor with the help of ultrasonic waves. Then, the water vapor produced will be diverted into the room through the steam chimney. Read More

Fin Komodo Modification

The Fin Komodo car was modified as a disinfectant sprayer to help the Surabaya City Government in dealing with COVID-19, which is increasingly spreading. Read More


Mizu Water

Water storage with a control panel that will distribute clean water to residents' homes to overcome difficulties in accessing clean water in Kalidahu village, Blitar. Read more

EVAN (Emergency Vehiche Automatic Notification)

EVAN is a new innovation developed by ITTelkom Surabaya with the aim of real-time accident detection and location to help the handling of accident victims quickly. Read more

Smart Garden

Vertical Farming on the rooftop of the ITTelkom Surabaya campus for plant cultivation using Hydroponics and Aquaponics which are integrated with IOT. Read more

Geriatric Patient Fall Prediction Application Based on Smart System

Useful application for detecting fallen Geriatric patients to prevent more fatal injuries. Read more

WOFI (Weather Observation and Forecast Integrated)

This application is used to monitor the weather in an area and can predict some time in the future. Read more