ITTelkom Surabaya and Regional Telkom V Build a Synergy to Create an Integrated Telkom Education Area

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 ITTelkom Surabaya represented by the rector of ITTelkom Surabaya (Dr. Tri Arief Sardjono, ST, MT), Vice Chancellor I (Dr. Bambang Lelono Widjiantoro, ST, MT), Vice Rector II (Agus Sulistya, STMSc. Ph .D), Deputy Chancellor III (Ir. Tri Agus Djoko Kuntcoro, MT) visited Telkom Regional V, this visit was intended to establish a synergy for branding as a campus with an integrated Telkom Education area since the location of ITTelkom Surabaya is in the heart of the Telkom Group industry.

Warmly welcomed by EVP Telkom Regional V (Pontjo Suharsono) along with Deputy EVP Marketing (Iwan Rusdarmono) and Deputy EVP Infrastructure (Bambang Hayasena), on this occasion Tri Arief Sardjono said, "Tomorrow we have an event, namely the launching of a student software house, Kawasan Telkom's education is integrated as well as a braille printing machine that is funded by Telkom CDC. Well, this integrated telkom education area is the only one in East Java, so we intend to be very long related to that. "

Responding to the visit, Pontjo Suharsono warmly welcomed this idea and at the same time provided input to pay attention to the name of the integrated telkom education area to have good branding. In addition, EVP Telkom Regional V on this occasion also provided support by making one of the buildings in front of the Telkom Ketintang Plaza to become a Production House for ITTelkom Surabaya, as well as providing other additional facilities.

"Later, to maximize the Production House, we will maximize the Telkom Plaza building in Ketintang for the development of ITTelkom Surabaya, the inauguration of the Integrated Telkom Education Area is a collaboration between ITTelkom Surabaya and Telkom Regional V so that student playgrounds can be in every area. We can build a Production House and we will support the computer facilities as well, so that it is not only software development but also hardware or various other solutions that we can offer to local governments or manufacturers. This can also be an opportunity for students to enter the business world while receiving education. " said Pontjo Suharsono.

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