ITTelkom E-Sports Competition, IT Study Program Seizes All Awards

The competition organized by UKM E-Sports or better known as ITTelkom E-Sports Competition (IEC) as a forum for developing student potential in the field of E-Sports has reached the final which was held on Saturday, April 10, 2021. This competition itself is a competition between study programs at ITTelkom Surabaya which holds several matches including Valorant, PUBG-Mobile and Mobile Legends. IEC also collaborates with Arindra Production as a multimedia service and ITTS MLC as a sponsor for the Mobile Legends tournament prize. This competition was chaired by Rachmad Saflyi who came from the IT'19 study program.

"IEC was held to channel the talents of the participants in the field of E-Sports. On the other hand, we show that our campus supports the development of E-Sports to date. We also thank HIMA and BEM who have helped coordinate the students to take part in the event. " Rachmad Saflyi explained as the chief executive of this event.

PUBG Mobile, a game with the theme of survival, is contested on campus internals between study programs. Of course, the game played by 4 people in one team really trains adrenaline in the world of survival. The PUBG Mobile competition will be held on March 22-25, 2021 which is held with a league system. The PUBG Mobile game itself was won by the 4U IT team, and of course it came from IT.

"Yes, it's a shame that the hobby of gaming is wasted for fun. Tourney happens to be a part of it so we can compare our playing skills with other teams where we are not improving. Alhamdulillah, I was able to win even though the other teams were also good. Next, I hope that in the future, ITTS will be able to increase the number of events like this, especially the Esport division of PUBG mobile. " said Fadhil Raihan Kastella from the IT 4U team.

No less interesting, IEC brings the Valorant game to the contest. The game with the theme of 5 vs 5 FPS was held on March 20-21, 2021 which was carried out with an elimination system. With their collaboration and skill combination, the Valorant game was won again by the team from the IT study program, namely the AiTi team.

“I like the game of Valo, so I joined and fortunately there is a team too. Very cool and I get additional relationships. Success continues. " Said Mahendra Rangga, one of the winners from the AiTi team.

Finally, the IEC includes games that are very popular among children, adolescents and adults. Especially if it's not Mobile Legends. The students pitted their skills against each other in this 5 vs 5 game. This tournament will be held on March 2 - 4, 2021. With the nuances of kagura, the ITzy team. managed to rank 1 in campus.

"Yesterday I was invited to make a team, counting experiences. Honestly, I also learned a lot, such as positioning, moments, cooperation, and so on. I am also grateful to be able to enter the selection and participate, even not expecting to be able to win 1. Everyone will definitely have the opportunity, we just want to try and take the opportunity or not. ” Said Muhammad Faisal Hibatullah from the ITzy team.


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