Inaugurated I-tec: The First Integrated Education Area in East Java

The world of education is like a chandradimuka crater that gives birth to future talents before entering the job market, so collaboration and synergy between industry players and educational institutions is needed to support the creation of graduates who are in accordance with the needs of the job market. The synergy that is built can be in the form of knowledge transfer, from practitioners to educational institutions, apprenticeship programs, research and others so that students get to know more about the world of work itself. What makes us proud is not only having such a knowledge transfer, but ITTelkom Surabaya is even in the heart of the integrated area of the Telkom Group.

"Being in the middle of the Telkom Group industrial area, we ITTelkom Surabaya is the only campus in East Java that has this. What's the advantage? Of course this will make our students much closer to seeing how the world of work itself is. Learning can be done around the campus, there are Telkom Witel SBS, Telkom Property and Telkom Health Foundation. " explained Tri Arief Sardjono, Chancellor of ITTelkom Surabaya.

In this regard, on Wednesday 28 April 2021 ITTelkom Surabaya inaugurated the first integrated Education Area in East Java or named I-tec (Integration Telkom Education Center). This inauguration also received a good response from the Regional Director V Telkom by maximizing the learning zone for students,

"Later, to maximize I-tec, we will maximize the Telkom Plaza building in Ketintang for the development of ITTelkom Surabaya, the inauguration of this I-tec is a collaboration between ITTelkom Surabaya and PT Telkom so that student student playgrounds can be in every area. We can build a Production House and we will support the computer facilities as well, so that it is not only software development but also hardware or various other solutions that we can offer to local governments or manufacturers. This can also be an opportunity for students to enter the business world while receiving education. " explained Pontjo Suharsono, EVP T-Reg V Telkom Java-Bali who was met on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at his office.

Even though the Surabaya ITTelkom campus is still young, it is not necessarily an excuse for not giving the maximum for its students, this is a shared commitment that continues to be held. In the future, other breakthroughs are also being prepared by ITTelkom Surabaya students because for us the campus is not only a place to get a degree but also the knowledge and potential development of the students so that they are ready to welcome the next 2045 golden generation.


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