Facing Society 5.0 Era, ITTelkom Surabaya Opens a Digital Business Study Program

Today the development of technology is increasingly unstoppable and forces all sectors to shift to an all-digital realm, especially in the pandemic era, as if digitalization has become a new life order for all people. One of the sectors affected is the business sector, based on data, the Ministry of Communication and Information recorded that the growth in the value of electronic commerce (e-commerce) in Indonesia reached 78% and became the highest in the world. This shift in the business sector ultimately requires new talents who are required to be ready to face increasingly complex challenges and be able to optimize digital-based businesses. Answering the needs of the times, this is what then underlies ITTelkom Surabaya to open a digital business study program.

"This study program is the answer to the needs of the times so that talents will emerge who can master technology in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as well as Society 5.0, in the future there will be many opportunities in the job market. Moreover, we are the first campus to open this study program in East Java. " said Tri Arief Sardjono, rector of ITTelkom Surabaya in responding to ITTelkom Surabaya's steps in opening this study program.

The digital business study program will be opened at the undergraduate level based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture number 95 / E / O / 2021, later this study program can be taken by high school graduates from all classes in science, social studies and language. On the other hand, in order to support government programs in preparing human resources to fill the need for labor in the sector not only in business, there are other study programs that are also being prepared to open in the near future.

"We are not only opening one digital business study program, in the near future there will be three other study programs such as Informatics, Data Science and Logistics Engineering which are still in the management of a permit at LLDIKTI. undergraduate, "added Tri Arief Sardjono.

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