Collaborating with Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi: ITTelkom Surabaya Collaborates with PT Garam (Persero)

Cooperation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi is strengthened at ITTelkom Surabaya, ITTelkom Surabaya collaborated with PT Garam (Persero) after collaborating with many institutions and companies before this time. This agreement was confirmed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at ITTelkom Surabaya Campus on Jalan Ketintang No. 156 on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

"Welcome to ITTelkom, Surabaya, we are very happy to welcome colleagues from PT Garam (Persero). Our campus has the first batch of 2018. We are the youngest university in the ICT-based Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom with implementation in maritime, transportation and logistics. Even though it is still relatively new, we are not just sitting around, but advancing our students to be active both in participating in various competitions and making innovations. There are many innovations we have created to provide solutions, especially the Covid-19 problem that we are currently facing and a lot of news that we get from the media. " said the rector of ITTelkom Surabaya, Tri Arief Sardjono.

The main director, Achmad Ardianto, and the Director of Finance & Human Resources, Edi Masrianto, and the entire management of PT Garam (Persero) were directly present at the meeting. The collaboration program that summarizes the fields of education, teaching, research and development as well as community service where the meeting also explained the hopes of this collaboration.

“PT Garam (Persero) has 5600 hectares of land spread across Madura, East Java and NTT where factories are in Sampang, Madura and Gresik, Warehouses and Ports. The obstacle we have faced so far is that we have not been able to maximize the processing and income of salt because it is influenced by nature and so on. The big challenge is that the sales of some salt products have not been maximized, for example: diet salt has a fairly long life of 14 years, this is good for hypertension and heart, but there is no 1% market sales. We want to move further like pharmaceutical salts, medicinal salts and other smart salts where this requires technology and in the future we will also make more other products. There are many challenges that make us want to grow and develop and this is where we realize that we need advice and input, including from academics, so that from this MOU we can learn from each other and produce maximum development. " said Achmad, ini bagus untuk hipertensi dan jantung namun market salesnya 1% saja tidak ada. Kami ingin bergerak lebih jauh lagi seperti garam-garam farmasi, garam obat dan garam-garam cerdas lainnya di mana ini membutuhkan teknologi dan selanjutnya kami juga akan membuat lebih banyak produk lain. Ada banyak tantangan membuat kami ingin tumbuh berkembang dan disinilah kami menyadari bahwa kami butuh saran serta masukan termasuk dari kalangan akademisi, sehingga dari MOU ini nantinya kita bisa saling belajar dan menghasilkan pengembangan yang maksimal.” ujar Achmad Ardianto.

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