Bro n Sis Series: With Witel Surabaya Selatan (SBS)

On Friday, February 19, 2021, as in the previous weeks, ITTelkom Surabaya held the Bron Sis event. In this episode, the guest speaker was Deputy GM Witel Surabaya Selatan, Indratmoko Susanto, who warmly shared experiences and internships and career opportunities at Witel Surabaya Selatan (SBS) broadcast live via Youtube. 

"Telkom South Surabaya and ITTelkom Surabaya are a group that must create talents who can be winners in the future. This is a digital era where information transactions are very fast. The 2020 digital trend is where 80% of the organizational structure will be changed to digital business, machine learning will change 90%, financial transactions will also change in seconds, the internet of things is where many things are connected via the internet such as smart houses, cloud computing. " explained Indratmoko Susanto.

Previously, South Surabaya Witel was a class A witel with the smallest geographic area, but its revenue contribution was the second largest in Telkom Region V. Witel Surabaya Selatan has segments of the market, namely consumers, BGES (Business, Government and Enterprise) and wholesales. 

"The composition of the generation of employees at Witel Surabaya Selatan, where 30 per cent are baby boomers, GenX 40 per cent and the rest are Millennial 80-90 and GenY, who are starting to prepare for the job fair so that their younger students are now preparing to join in the future.” explained Indratmoko Susanto.

Witel Surabaya Selatan's main processes include business & operational planning, HR/HC upgrades , support processes, infrastructure management, customer management, sales & delivery, review and final goal. The potential to work at Witel can be realized in the sales & delivery process, while internships can be carried out at all stages.

Witel Surabaya Selatan's internships have a project-based learning basis, so that internships not only abort the SKS obligation, or the apprentice only produces reports, but designs students to be ready to join the workforce. project-based learning basis, The concept of project-based learning is that of applying lecture theory, learning real conditions, working on assignments and creating creative projects.

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