Bro n Sis Series: Peeling Up PMMB 2021

ITTelkom Surabaya actively collaborates with different groups, including business, start-ups and BUMN, to cooperate with Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, where the student internship program is one of the main focus areas. In the Bro N Sis Series on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, ITTelkom Surabaya invited the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) as one of its partners to address the student internship program through Zoom and live on Youtube.

"This year, our first year students have reached their 6th semester and we are training them for internships to introduce them to the growth of their careers. Certified internships are also eagerly awaited, particularly at BUMN, so that our students know how to act in the world of work and face problems." said Tri Arief Sardjono, Rector of ITTelkom Surabaya in his speech.

FHCI itself is a forum for BUMN human resource management executives who have had many outstanding programs from 2016-2020, including: Accredited Student Internship Program (PMMB), BUMN best practice sharing, Talent Internship & Development, daily joint recruiting program, Papua and West Papua and people with disabilities, young BUMN house CEOs and technical certification bodies. On this occasion, we will discuss more about the Certified Student Internship Program (PMMB).

"PMMB This is a place to train students to become entrepreneurs and to be ready to work. Later, they are regarded in general as an employee, there are expectations and jobs that are in line with the role taken and mentors are also available." said Sofyan Rohidim, Executive Director of FHCI.

This PMMB was held in the industrial era 4.0 to train students, where students must be able to pick up the ball in this era. Through this curriculum, FHCI trains students for employment like never before, undetermined technology to solve issues that do not know what the issue is.

"The industrial era 4.0 has eroded several jobs, but there are also other developments, this is what students must understand. The apprenticeship program, in this case this program is intentionally made for a minimum of 6 months or one semester and a maximum of 1 year where this program is serious and focuses on providing added value. Now is the era of distruptive and change, so it is our mental readiness that must be prepared in order to be successful in the future, so we must foster enthusiasm to develop and adjust. So that we hope that the concept of apprenticeship students attending BUMN must make a real contribution, what can be given. " he added.

It is easy to participate in the PMMB, interested students may register at each university's career center, then fill out the files according to the community, then the university can choose students who will be registered to participate in PMMB and those selected will continue to be put at FHCI based on the chosen major. Periods in a year there are batches 1 and 2 where the time is adjusted to the University. 

For PMMB participants, there are many advantages, including 6-month or 1-semester internships where this is equal to 20SKS, growing knowledge and gaining skills through experience and contributing to Indonesia, BUMN job opportunities, getting to know the world of work, receiving industrial or competence certificates, and getting pocket money.

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