Back to being a place for UTBK to be held, ITTelkom Surabaya gets visits from various institutions

The Surabaya City Government paid a visit to ITTelkom Surabaya on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, to assess the campus's readiness as one of the 2021 UTBK venues. This visit was also part of the campus feasibility assessment to hold UTBK, where about ten people from the health office, education office, Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Damkar, and Satpol PP checked in. 

"Several things were checked during this visit, including health protocols (SOP for participants entering and leaving campus, distance, room atmosphere, hand sanitizer, thermometer, outdoor sink) and security protocols (electricity, smoke detector alarm, APAR) (extinguisher). Light fires), and hydrants), and there is a small note about installing an exhaust fan in each room to help with ventilation." said Walid as the person in charge of implementing UTBK at ITTelkom Surabaya.

ITTelkom Surabaya has also been the venue for UTBK since 2020, which differs from last year in that there were only 6 rooms provided with a capacity of 10 participants each last year. As a result, 7 rooms with a capacity of up to 15 participants each have been opened this year. Due to an increase in the number of participants over last year, two pathways to the campus were created to anticipate the formation of queues at the sink. Furthermore, the campus exit is routed through a different gate than the previous one in order to anticipate the influx of UTBK participant vehicles from the direction of UNESA.

This visit has led to the conclusion that the ITTelkom Surabaya campus is ready to host UTBK this year.

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