Activating Electric Cars, ITTelkom Surabaya explores industry partnership

Preparations made by government, as reported in Presidential Regulation No. 55 of 2019, starting from development of electricity support infrastructure to discussions with different parties to create an electric vehicle ecosystem, have further intensified the era of electric vehicles in the country. ITTelkom Surabaya also participated, not wanting to remain silent.

Collaborating with PT Karya Tugas Anda as an industrial partner in electric vehicle projects, on Monday, February 8, 2021 at PT Karya Tugas Anda on Jalan Raya Sukorejo, Pasuruan, ITTelkom Surabaya group attended by the rector, Dr. Tri Arief Sardjono, S.T., M.T. along with the Dean and staff were greeted directly by the Operational Director of PT Karya Tugas Anda, Sucipto.

"I am happy that my friends are here. In the future, my task is to open doors for students, if necessary, to study and study further. The essence of that student's task is self-taught, where the development of this kind of electric vehicle and what is done in the industry is mostly self-taught. Moreover, our goal is to go international where this needs to be accompanied by academics too." said Sucipto.

This partnership started with the signing by both parties of a Memorandum of Understanding and then handing over a vehicle in the form of a truck that would later be transformed into an electric truck by ITTelkom Surabaya.

"This truck is interested in conduct of conversion studies. Where education is sponsored as a teaching and learning method for practice. Management decides to empower success of students." said Sucipto as Operational Director of PT Karya Tugas Anda.

ITTelkom Surabaya students from different study programs will carry out this electric truck project so that it is not only limited to the development of electric truck vehicles, but also as a practical learning area for students to develop skills and interests.

"There are 15 students who will focus on projects involving electric vehicles and trucks. We are grateful for opportunity and I hope to have the electric truck ready this year. We're just a new college, but we don't want to lose either. We'll help it as much as possible, and with this truck capital we will manage it as well as possible. We still have collaboration and an electric motorbike has been brought in." Said Tri Arief Sardjono.

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