Telkom Institute of Technology of Surabaya (ITTelkom Surabaya) is an international standard university based on Information and Communication Technology to support the competitiveness of Indonesian. ITTelkom Surabaya is a higher education under the auspices of the Telkom Education Foundation which is located at Jalan Cisanggarung No. 2 Bandung 40115 West Java, with the Deed of Establishment No. 163, dated May 23, 1990 with a Notary / PPAT a.n. Dr. Wiratni Ahmadi, S.H. ITTelkom Surabaya comes with aim

  1. Creating good higher education governance in accordance with national and international standards
  2. Creating graduates who have integrity
  3. Creating high quality graduates who have competitiveness at the national and international levels
  4. Encourage research culture in the higher education environment
  5. Producing innovative and creative works that are beneficial to society
  6. Engage senior high school graduates or equivalent, especially those from east Indonesia
  7. Take an active role in improving the quality of human resources in Eastern Indonesia
  8. Contribute to build the social, cultural, and economic life of the community around the campus.


"Become an international standard university based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) focusing on applications of maritime, transportation, and logistics industries to support the improvement of the competitiveness of Indonesian"


Organizing and developing international standard education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based on Information and Communication Technology with a focus on applications in the maritime, transportation and logistics industries.
Develop and disseminate science and technology that are recognized internationally.
Utilizing science and technology based on Information and Communication Technology for Indonesian development, especially its application in the development of the maritime, logistics and transportation industries.

Accomplishment of ITTelkom Surabaya takes into account five (5) main principles, that are credible, transparent, accountable, responsible, and fair. To achieve all the principles :

Management always refer to the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)
Create simple and effective organization structure
Disseminate work that has been done to the public
Creating a quality assurance system both internal and external and equipped with a special unit and applying the recognized standard, namely ISO 9001: 2015
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